Plant-based cooking and pastry classes

At the beginning of the year, when we first started looking for new premises for my pastry school, I would never have thought that we would be moving to Třebichovice - to this beautiful house, where roe deers can be seen grazing peacefully.


Where is Třebichovice, you ask? This small village is less than 20 minutes' drive from Prague Airport and just a short drive from larger cities such as Slany or Kladno.


A great advantage of our new school is that you don't have to leave the premises after the classes are finished. Want to stay overnight and enjoy some fresh air? You can! There are beautiful rooms on the first floor of the house, so instead of hurrying to a hotel for the night you can just put your feet up and relax where you are. (Update - our accommodation is undergoing some major renovation at the moment, so please check with us if you are interested in staying overnight. In a case, we won´t be able to rent you one of our rooms, we´ll help you to find a nice hotel in a nearby city).


Our offer of English pastry classes is slightly limited at the moment as the majority of classes we teach are in Czech, however, we do offer one English intensive three-day vegan pastry masterclass at this moment and it that will take place in May 2020 :-)


Questions? Write to me :-)


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