About me...

If somebody had told me five years ago that by now I would have

a vegan pastry school and be a published vegan cook, I would have

laughed at them. I've never eaten sweets, I never really wanted to be

a pastry chef. I wanted to be a businesswoman and build a big

company. Just like my parents. A great plan, especially when

you're an introvert who runs away from all stressful situations.


After a while, I realised that my ambitions could kill me once and

for all, and so I decided to change my life’s path and start cooking

which had always been my greatest hobby. The original plan to study

cookery in London was changed at the last minute to studying at

a patisserie school in France (ENSP). I returned from France after

spending half a year as a pastry chef. This was followed by my

opening of a small pastry shop near Prague which, thanks to clients'

interests, turned into a pastry school after just a few months. 


"When I have something to say." That was my usual answer to the

question: "When will you finally publish a cookbook?" There are

a great many excellent dessert cookbooks around today and I thought it unnecessary to create more just to have my own one. If it hadn't have been for the fact that I became a vegan, no book would have been created.


When I decided to remove all animal products from my diet, I was faced with the decision as to whether to continue my pastry school. After all, classic desserts are based on a large amount of butter, cream and eggs. Despite many warnings, I decided to take a risk, shut down the school temporarily, and plunge into several months of research regarding how to make French pastry and desserts purely vegan. The goal was clear - to create recipes that no one could tell were 100 % plant-based. With the ensuing successes came the decision to write everything into a cookbook and share my work with all the others who are interested in the confectionery craft. Because this time I do have something to say.




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